Research Unit

Ageing Infrastructure Studies


Osamu Maruyama (Professor, Faculty of Engineering), Ikumasa Yoshida (Professor, Faculty of Engineering), Hidehiko Sekiya (Lecturer, Advanced Research Institute), Takahito Mikami (Associate Professor, Faculty of Engineering)

Research outline
Fatigue phenomena, typical damage to infrastructures such as aging bridges and flyovers, are not only difficult to discover—they can also lead to the structure’s collapse. As such, appropriate maintenance and management are necessary.
Making the most of the internet of things, the project constructs systems to detect vehicle weight, which contributes to fatigue, changes in the shape of the structure, and fatigue cracks, as well as develops the urban road bridge network management system and methodology of maintenance.
Expected research outcome
To develop a system that can evaluate the fatigue environment by setting a vehicle weighing system that uses monitoring sensors for many bridges and can prioritize the order of inspection. For disaster situations, the goal is to build a system that can instantaneously judge which lanes emergency vehicles can take. Further, it is expected to propose a methodology for public–private collaborative project to maintain and manage the infrastructure based on the said system.